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Sultan ul Aulia wal Aarfeen Ghous ul Moazzam Qutub ul Aqtaab Abul Abbas Hazrat Al Shiekh Al Syed Ahmed Al Kabeer Al Hassani Al Hussaini Al Mooswi Al Refaie (Radi Allaho Taala Anha)


Hazrat Sultan Shaikh Syed Ahmad Al Kabeer Ar Refaie (1119-1182)

Hazrat Sultan Shaikh Syed Ahmad Al Kabeer Ar Refaie (1119-1182) was born on a Thursday in the first half of the lunar month of Rajab in district Hasen, in the Vasit province of Iraq.
When he was seven years old, his father Syed Sultan Ali passed away in Baghdad. From then on his maternal uncle Syed Mansur ar Rabbani al Betaihi took him into his care and educated him.
The maternal part of Hazrat Ahmad Refaie 's family goes back to Hazrat Imam Hussain & Hazrat Imam Hasan, the sons of Hazrat Ali (R.A).
On the paternal side his lineage goes back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as follows:
Hazrat Ali (R.A), the master of the community, husband of Hazrat Bibi Fatima and the father of Imams, a cousin of the prophet.
Hazrat Imam Hussain, Imam of Muslims, the chief of the Momins (believers in Islam) who were tried and afflicted with various troubles and calamities, the Shaheed-e-Karbala.

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